A journey of recovery of ancient female wisdom around the world.


The Women

Mulheres da Terra [Women of Earth] is a project that aims to increase the visibility of the stories of women who play important social roles in their communities. Their names are many: midwives, faith healers, herbalists, shamans and community leaders. Here, we honor their stories.

They are all over the world, in the roots of all peoples and cultures...


While still a teenager, a young woman with a dream of becoming a midwife begins a journey in search of traditional midwives. Her journey takes her through northeastern Brazil, indigenous villages, rural communities, quilombo settlements, and fishing villages. After meeting with these women, she transforms what she has learned into a film about ancestral wisdom and birth. Release date: November 2016.
" I don't know how to read, but I have consciousness"
Dona Francelina, parteira tradicional


Faça parte desta jornada e conheça histórias de vida inspiradoras!

More Stories

Maria d’Ajuda

Maria d’Ajuda, indigenous midwife and shaman “The plants that can be used as medicine shine in my sight. I smell them, I feel them. I can’t read, but I can read the earth, the plants and the...

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Suely Carvalho

Suely Carvalho Suely Carvalho has been a midwife for 40 years, and over 5,000 babies have been delivered by her hands. Twenty-five years ago she created the NGO CAIS do Parto, and since then has become an...

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Mamãe Zezé

  Mamã Zezé “Nessa comunidade eu sou médico, delegado, advogado, sou parteira, psicóloga geriatra, assistente social, eu sou tudo, porque na hora que você precisa, você tem que usar aquilo que...

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  • Katia Lund


  • Gisele Bündchen


  • Elisabete Franco


Katia Lund

Katia LundCineasta

Gisele Bündchen

Gisele BündchenEmpresária e modelo

Elisabete Franco

Elisabete FrancoMestre


  • Mayara Boaretto

    Idealizadora do projeto e diretora de conteúdo

  • Isadora Carneiro


  • Mariana Kuroyama

    Identidade Visual

  • Marco Rempel


  • Juliano Vendemiatti

    Trilha sonora

  • Giovana Camargo

    community manager

  • Niels Kloumbérg


Mariana Kuroyama

Mariana Kuroyamaillustrator, has traveled with the project to many states in Brazil, India and Nepal, drawing a special portrait for each Woman of Earth they met. She created the project’s visual identity.

Marco Rempel

Marco Rempelis a filmmaker who has always been very close with his grandmother, whom he considers a wise woman. His sensitive gaze when capturing the women’s stories for this project comes from this relationship.

Juliano Vendemiatti

Juliano Vendemiattiat age 6 met his best friend: a violin. A multi-instrumentalist and student of Berklee College of Music, he created the original soundtrack for the first documentary miniseries.

Giovana Camargo

Giovana Camargocommunity manager, works with the creation and cultivation of communities and spaces of genuine exchange. Currently, she dedicates herself especially to communities of female empowerment and non-violent communication. She is responsible for communications for this project.

Niels Kloumbérg

Niels KloumbérgNiels é formado em audiovisual pelo Centro Universitário Senac, fotógrafo do projeto em 2011

Mayara Boaretto

Mayara Boarettois this project’s creator. At age 17 she began a search for traditional midwives in Brazil that turned into a journey of knowledge and encounters throughout the world. She is a traditional midwife’s apprentice and a student of obstetrics at Sao Paulo University. She directed the film’s content.

Isadora Carneiro

Isadora Carneirois a filmmaker known for her 1,001 uses: she films, photographs, edits and produces. She directed the project’s first documentary miniseries. She also dedicates herself to her personal project of filming and photographing births.


We know that no one is born alone. It is through others’ hands that we come into the world and grow into the many different stages of life.

 This is why we invite everyone who identifies with this project to become part of this story.

 If you know of a Woman of Earth and want to tell her story, write to us.

 souparte @ mulheresdaterra.com


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