Aama Bombo

“I am praying that everyone create a world without war and tension,” says Aama, “I want to see this world full of natural beauty, where everyone has the same rights and opportunities to share nature’s womb.”


Aama Bombo (“Mother Shaman”) was born to a poor family in Melong, Nepal, in the Tamang clan. Aama’s father was a famous shaman. Tamang tradition prohibits women from practicing shamanism, which is what Aama had always wanted to do since the age of five.

When Aama turned 16, she married and moved to Katmandu. Shortly thereafter, her father died. At age 25, Aama suddenly began to feel tremors throughout her body. For 14 months she visited doctors and healers, seeking a cure. Those closest to her thought she was mentally imbalanced and wanted to take her to a psychiatric hospital.

Then, as a last resort, Aama was taken to a Buddhist Lama who discovered the problem. He told her that her father’s spirit was looking for someone to transfer his work to, and that the only person with a good enough heart was her. From that moment on her father, Hindu gods, and spirits began to visit her and teach her forms of healing.

A member of the “Grandmothers’ Council” movement, Aama is a beloved and respected shaman in Nepal. She starts each day at 4 a.m. with prayers in her temple to the god Shiva. She attends around 100 patients a day practicing healing, cleaning their houses of negative energy, and offering advice. The patients come from all over the country to see her, as well as from India and Tibet.

She takes care of them all, from the poorest to the King, with equal respect and dedication. The guidance she gave to the Royal Family rang true, including the foretelling of a massacre that ended the royal bloodline. She did a lot of work together with the late King Birendra Bir Shah Dev. Grandmother Aama unites grandmothers to spread a message of universal peace, harmony and unity.