Maria d’Ajuda

Maria d’Ajuda, indigenous midwife and shaman “The plants that can be used as medicine shine in my sight. I smell them, I feel them. I can’t read, but I can read the earth, the plants and the...

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Suely Carvalho

Suely Carvalho Suely Carvalho has been a midwife for 40 years, and over 5,000 babies have been delivered by her hands. Twenty-five years ago she created the NGO CAIS do Parto, and since then has become an important...

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Mamãe Zezé

  Mamã Zezé “Nessa comunidade eu sou médico, delegado, advogado, sou parteira, psicóloga geriatra, assistente social, eu sou tudo, porque na hora que você precisa, você tem que usar aquilo que você...

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Zefa da Guia

  Zefa da Guia, midwife and quilombo faith healer “Midwives are spirits of light who work to help people.” Dona Zefa Semore tells the story of her life starting with her own birth. She was born en-caul...

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